Have you ever felt that you are not capable of doing anything in life ? Ever felt that you are useless and are never going to achieve anything in life ? If yes then this article is for you. In a world where cases of bullying and abuse are on a rise, where people judge you not on the basis of your character but on the basis of how you look or what your sexual preferences are or what the color of you skin is, a world where social media is filled with news of people achieving something, the lack of self-worth is one of the most pressing issues that we face.  Lack of self-worth is where a person sees himself as inadequate, unlovable or incapable of doing something. Everyone has times when our confidence is at an all time low, when it has hard to believe in yourself, when it feels that you are good for nothing, but if this becomes a long term situation then it may lead to problems including mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.   Here are some statistics that provide a fearfu